Sophorn is a firecracker.  Personality, personality, personality.  She really shows her emotions.  She can't hide her emotions.  If she is happy she is very happy.  If she is sad you can see that she is sad.  If she's angry....there's no masking that.  She is also so artistic.  Her jewelry design is off the charts.  She has the capacity to become a strong, successful, and independent woman.  


"I want the people in Cambodia to grow and to be educated.  To respect and love each other.  I want them to understand the trafficked girls problems and to not look down on them."


Sophorn was 14 years old when she was trafficked.



You can not help but love this girl.  Sophany has a heart for living a simple life.  She is a hard worker.  You do not see many harder working young woman in Cambodia than Sophany.  Really she just longs for family and for home.  These things can be very difficult to find in Cambodia.


"When I was at the safe house I saw girls come one at a time, one at a time.  I think God prepared a plan so that they could have a place to know him and look at their own life."


Sophany was 15 years old when she was trafficked.



Noch is just the sweetest girl.  You can see a quiet wisdom in her.  She is so compassionate.  She wants to take care of people and to do the right thing for people.


"If I could become a teacher I would comfort other girls.  I would tell them my story, tell them they are not alone.  I would tell them to not lose hope for their future."


Noch was 13 years old when she was trafficked.