This is an unused clip from the film "Finding Home." There were a lot of little bits of information that we feel are important pieces of information to share. For one reason or another it didn't fit within the block of story telling the film "Finding Home" provided. So we decided we would share it here.

This clip explains the problem that some areas in Cambodia have by marketing these arcade gaming places to kids. It's extremely obvious how these places are replicating adult casinos and brothels.

A friend of mine who lives in Cambodia told me a story about when he visited one of these kids casinos. He saw a very poor little boy playing these games there trying to win money. He saw that he had come into the "arcade" with $50. A little poor boy in Cambodia, a third world country, a place where most adults make only around $1 a day and this boy came in with $50. His thoughts were that the boy had stolen the money to play games there either for fun or in hopes of winning more money. Who knows for sure, but either way it's not a good situation.